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How to Send the Letter - Step by Step

Step 1

Before going to the Governor's contact form, copy the subject of the letter then proceed by clicking "Tell the Governor." You will be re-directed to the Governor's contact form.

Subject:Please reopen California’s amusement parks! 📋
Tell the Governor

Step 2

  • Check "Have a Comment" next to "Purpose of communication."
  • Fill out the form with your contact information.
  • Select "Other" in the "Please choose your subject" drop-down menu.

Step 3

  • Select "Pro" next to "Position."
  • Copy and paste the subject in the subject line
  • Return here to copy and paste the letter to the left into the "Write your message" box.
The letter:

Dear Governor Newsom,

Please reopen California’s amusement parks! 

From Disneyland Resort to Knott’s Berry Farm to Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, and Magic Mountain – we all have fond memories of family visits to these iconic parks. Governor, as COVID-19 numbers improve and vaccinations become more widespread, we urge you to use the science and data to allow these parks to reopen. Besides offering Californians a safe and fun outdoor activity during these bleak COVID-19 days, these parks directly employ tens of thousands of people and entire communities have been built around them. The amusement park employees, surrounding small businesses and all their employees, local governments, and loyal guests all depend on these parks being open.

Throughout the world, amusement parks have successfully reopened and there are no known COVID-19 outbreaks being traced back to parks. These parks put the health and safety of both their employees and guests as a top priority and we’re confident that they can reopen safely as they have proven in so many other states and countries.

Even more than the lost jobs and lost revenue, however, the greatest impact is truly the loss of hope, joy, laughter, and fun. That damage is the most painful of all. Our leaders, from the Governor to local officials, have the power to continue to protect our health while giving us back our sense of hope, and allow us to enjoy wholesome, outdoor fun.

Californians need jobs, businesses need customers, local governments need revenue and most importantly, we all need hope. Please stop delaying and please allow California’s amusement parks to reopen soon! We know they are ready and so are we!


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